Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Vegetarian no more

I took a walk through memory lane today, reacquainting myself with a few of my old posts from years ago. First thing I noticed, I am so sporadic. One page back into archives and BAM I'm in 2008 already. I mentioned being a vegetarian a couple of times. So that's when that was! My significant other had been watching too many PETA videos and, to do our part to end animal cruelty, we stopped eating meat. That lasted about a year. Let me tell you, Tofurkey is awful. I'd rather eat a block of plain tofu.

That lasted about a year. My conclusion? It's doable, if you want to do your part to save the animals. If you're doing it for health reasons though, avoid the man-made things created to look and taste like meat. They're so chemical-laden and overly processed, you're better off eating meat.

As for the animals... I'm sorry cows and chickens... I am eating you again. As a compromise though, I do my best to buy free-range and pasture-raised stuff. Less cruelty that way. I highly encourage you to do it too. Yes, it costs more, but we're supporting humane treatment of animals instead of factory-raising them. Be a good human. Be kind.

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