Tuesday, September 04, 2018

How Carbs Affect Your Cholesterol

I learned an interesting thing recently. Saturated fats are usually blamed for high cholesterol, but it's actually carbohydrates that are the culprit! Say what? Stay with me. I've got a layman's explanation for that.

When you eat carbs, your body digests it and stores it as glycogen in your muscles. When it runs out of storage space there, it starts storing it in the your liver. When that gets full, the liver converts it into a form of cholesterol. The bad kind (LDL). Your body actually produces the majority of the cholesterol in your body.

Reducing the amount of carbs you eat (bread, potatoes, pasta, crackers, cookies, popcorn etc.) will help you avoid this carbohydrate overflow. Humans haven't had enough time to evolve ways to effectively deal with the quantity of carbs we eat today, so helping your body avoid resorting to unhealthy ways of dealing with the excess carbs will encourage your good health in the long term.