Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Conclusion about chiropractors

I know, I know, I disappeared for months and forgot all about this blog. No I didn't forget, I just got busy. You know, life happens sometimes. Anyway, I stopped seeing the chiropractor. After a month of seeing her 2-3 times a week, I wasn't feeling all that different, to be honest. The best part of each visit was back massage by the on-site massage therapist. My always-tense shoulder muscles needed it.

The whole neck-cracking and spine straightening I'm still doubtful about. Occasionally I would feel some pain in one hip joint, which would go away when she adjusted my pelvis, but that's about the only helpful thing I noticed. I totally think the frequency of the visits was just a scam to get more insurance money out of me because I happened to have a carrier that would cover chiropractic care. After that first month, she said once a week would be enough. Again, too much, I think. Even the insurance refused to pay anymore because they were suspicious. I read somewhere that once or twice a month was sufficient for maintenance.

My conclusion? I can't generalize for all chiropractors since I do believe some actually are good and actually do care about your health instead of your insurance money. But as far as this particular one is concerned, lay off you greedy witch! I got really annoyed at how pushy she was about getting me to refer others or to make future appointments whether or not I wanted it.

I think chiropractors should be judged on a case by case basis. Give them a chance, but definitely beware of the greedy scammers. I let this one take me for a ride for too long, which is my fault really. I kept thinking, "Well maybe it takes time for these treatments to make me feel completely normal." But the fact that I woke up feeling stiff in the neck and shoulders all over again every day was a testament to the contrary. Something else was causing my problems, and it wasn't my spine, as this chiropractor led me to believe. I mean, she didn't even take any x-rays, so accurate could her diagnosis be?

It's been a couple months now since I stopped seeing that chiropractor, and I don't feel any worse. I feel a bit like a sucker for having tried it, but at least now I won't wonder about it.


xtrainer said...

That's too bad your experience with the chiropractor wasn't a good one. I, too, have had not so good experiences with a chiropractor in the past. Now, however, I have two chiropractors that I go to occasionally who are excellent.

I wouldn't write them off completely, but surely the one you saw doesn't seem to be worthwhile. Just be glad she didn't take the x-rays...some chiropractors are known to go overboard with those and she seems like one who would fit that bill.

Sue said...

Can relate to your experience - I stopped going to my chiro a few years ago - I got sick of him trying to 'guilt' me into having x-rays, make more appointments etc etc. 'Pushy' doesn't even come close! In the end I sent him a letter explaining exactly why I was terminating our 'relationship' - I don't put up with that crap from friends and family - why on earth would I tolerate it from someone I had to PAY for the privilege!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Chiropractors in Texas can be very greedy. I started seeing one, and within 2 weeks, he demanded an upfront payment of $3,500 for future services. He wanted me to pay all of it upfront, and sign a contract. He was very pushy and even blocked the doorway so I couldn't leave when I wanted to. I later saw another chiropractor who also wanted advance payments for services. I don't know what to do anymore. I refuse to pay in advance for healthcare treatments, because the concept just doesn't sit well with me. In some states, it's also illegal for chiropractors to ask for pre-payment. I've also heard that once you do pre-pay and sign a contract, they won't work with you anymore to schedule appointments, as they already have your money and there is no incentive to help you anymore.

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